Advantages of polypropylene webbing
  • The advantages of polypropylene webbing: light, durable, resistant to insects, and easy to clean. The main products of Taixing Hongyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. include: webbing (webbing of various materials), polypropylene high-strength yarn, polypropylene air-changing yarn, polyester air-changing yarn, etc. Professional and high-quality products are waiting for you to purchase!
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  • As a rising star among synthetic fibers, polypropylene fiber has developed rapidly in recent years by virtue of its superior product performance. Among them, polypropylene webbing is generally loved by the public! Investigate its reasons, polypropylene webbing has the following advantages:

    1. Polypropylene webbing is lightweight. Because the specific gravity of polypropylene fiber is 0.91, it is the lightest of all fibers. Therefore, the polypropylene fiber has a wider coverage for the same weight of fiber, so the polypropylene webbing is very light and easy to use and carry.

    2. Polypropylene webbing is wear-resistant and durable. Polypropylene has high abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, so the webbing made has high abrasion resistance and is not easy to break.

    3. Polypropylene webbing is resistant to insects and easy to clean. The polypropylene fiber has a good wicking effect. After the webbing is washed, it is breathable and quick-drying. There is no environment for moths to grow, so it is easy to store.

    The above is the advantage of polypropylene webbing.

    Next, I will introduce to you the professional webbing manufacturer—Taixing Hongyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

    Hongyang now has 6 wire drawing equipment, 10 looms, and nearly 100 air change yarn machines. Its polyester air change yarns are of stable quality and fast delivery, and are exported to South Korea, South Africa and other countries. Taixing Hongyang's main research and development, production and sales: polypropylene high-strength yarn, polypropylene air-changing yarn, polyester air-changing yarn, webbing, etc., with superior quality and good reputation, have won unanimous praise from customers!

    If you want to know more product information, please contact: Liu Xuelian 18914408040 Website:

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