[The order of the dyeing factory was stopped, and the order was either cancelled or on the way]
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Right now in this market, it is normal to reduce order cancellations, but if you have some orders in your hands, it is a good thing, but you can hardly guarantee that these orders can be completed normally. The process has gone halfway, but it has been suddenly canceled.

Rather than canceling orders directly, orders that are cancelled halfway are more irritating. However, the development of the pneumonia epidemic in Europe and the United States has intensified. It is unavoidable that fabric orders from these regions have been postponed and cancelled, but Zui is afraid that the orders have been cancelled halfway. If the current weavers receive orders, they are a little bit sloppy: do the orders be made or not? If you do n’t do it, the delivery date wo n’t be up to date; if you do, it may be cancelled halfway, wasting investment and increasing inventory.

Client hesitates, contract is delayed

"The order quantity and color have already been negotiated, and it is said that it can be done, but it is not a contract. We rushed it for two weeks before sending the contract. Without a contract, we would not dare to proceed, and waste two Week time. And the customer was so hesitant about the next contract, we are also very nervous now, fearing that half of the order is cancelled, gray fabrics, dyeing costs are wasted, and a lot of inventory is added. "A textile trader said helplessly.

There are many issues for customers to consider when placing fabric orders. This year's trend and whether they can sell well. However, the pneumonia epidemic and the global economic recession have cancelled various clothing shows and fashion shows, and the trend is unknown; the closure of cities and regions in various places has restricted consumers from spending abroad, and it is impossible to talk about hot clothing sales. Especially in the first half of the spring and summer clothing sales are difficult to pick up, all kinds of fabric orders are either canceled, or can be understood on the way to cancel.

Dye factory expedited production, shipment before customer cancel

Want to have an order to do, but do not want to do half of the order to be canceled by the customer, it can only be shipped before the customer has said "cancel the order".

There are not a few textile people with such ideas. Many dyeing factories in the market today are concentrated in various types of quick orders and urgent orders, and even some textile companies prefer to issue expedited fees and make shipments in a short time. It is not uncommon to ship at night and midnight.

But the customer has the intention to cancel the order, is it okay to order it earlier? Obviously unrealistic, even if the delivery is made before the customer cancels the order. After all, the end of the fabric order is not based on the delivery of the goods, whether the payment can be returned intact is the key. At present, most of the textile market is closed monthly, March, or even half a year, and fabric orders are delivered, but customers are not used. In the later period, there is a high probability that the payment will be deducted, and even the payment will be delayed indefinitely.

Cancel orders halfway, flooding the finished product market

In general, the cancellation of orders in the textile market is inevitable, especially for orders that are half done. In the end, such orders will not flow to the original customers, and most of them will be accumulated in the warehouses of traders, waiting for an opportunity to be processed, to the processing cloth market, or various finished fabric markets.

On the other hand, traders may be more cautious when ordering because the order may be cancelled at any time. For those fabrics and colors that can be found in the finished product market, traders may be more inclined to buy finished products directly instead of using grey cloths to dye factories. And can be purchased after the delivery time, avoiding the backlog of inventory and the waste of funds caused by the cancellation of customer orders.

For a period of time, many finished fabric products will surely flow to the finished product market, and there will also be many orders to choose the finished product market in order to avoid risks. The market for finished fabrics may develop in a period of time.

Although due to the pneumonia epidemic, the cancellation of fabric orders is force majeure. However, it will definitely waste the time and energy of the textile people, occupy their liquidity, and seriously hurt their confidence. Therefore, we also need textile customers to take a reasonable look at market conditions and avoid unnecessary losses that may be caused by order placement.

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