[Why do polypropylene air-varying yarns have strong performance characteristics?]
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Why do polypropylene air-varying yarns have strong performance characteristics?

The basic characteristics of polypropylene air-varying yarn are the same as polypropylene filament yarn, light weight, acid and alkali resistant, colorful, non-hygroscopic.

Polypropylene variable yarn characteristics: natural appearance, with irregular surface tops, particles, slub effect, good color.

Polypropylene air-changing yarn has the uneven touch and soft touch of natural linen, and at the same time overcomes the wrinkle-prone nature of natural linen, it can be washed and easy to care.

Polypropylene variable yarn use: can be used for weaving, warp-knitting, weft-knitting, making all kinds of clothing, outerwear, shirts, etc., can also be used to make upholstery fabrics, curtains, bed covers, household appliances cover cloth; industrial filter cloth, tire curtain Threads, fishing nets, sewing threads, etc., are determined according to product specifications (fiber thread density, loop number and distribution, etc.).

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