[What are the characteristics of polypropylene high-strength wire anti-fall nets?]
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What are the characteristics of polypropylene high-strength wire anti-fall nets?

Polypropylene high-strength wire anti-falling net has these characteristics: high breaking strength, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, safety and reliability, easy installation, etc. It can usually be used underground for about three years.

The anti-falling net made of polypropylene high-strength silk makes people feel very strong and can bear heavier weight. After installation, it can play a supporting role to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well and cause casualties, and to ensure the safe travel of citizens.

Advantages of polypropylene high-strength wire anti-fall netting:

1. It is made of polypropylene high-strength yarn with high breaking strength

2. The mesh consignment sales are reasonable and even, and the knots are firm

3. Acid and alkali resistant, not afraid of moisture, long service life

4. Simple installation and convenient use

5. Good actual use effect

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