[Taixing Hongyang supplies polypropylene high-strength yarn!]
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Taixing Hongyang supplies polypropylene high-strength yarn!

Taixing Hongyang supplies polypropylene high-strength yarn with reasonable price and quality assurance. Welcome new and old customers to come to consult! Let me talk about the advantages of Hongyang polypropylene high-strength yarn.

Hongyang polypropylene high-strength yarn: high strength, light weight, small uniform heat shrinkage, flame retardant, anti-aging, low thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance, seawater corrosion resistance; in addition, small color difference and good color fastness.

1. The strength of polypropylene high-strength yarn is comparable to that of polyester and nylon industrial yarn, and the strength is exactly the same in wet and dry conditions.

2. The density of polypropylene fiber is 0.919/cm’, which is the smallest density among all industrial synthetic fibers. Its density is only 66% of polyester (1.389/cma) and 80% of nylon (1.149/cm3). Considering the price and density of silk, the use of polypropylene high-strength silk as raw material will reduce the cost a lot compared to polyester or nylon industrial silk. In addition, because polypropylene has low moisture absorption (MO.1%), it is particularly suitable for marine products and other products that require non-hygroscopicity.

3. Polypropylene high-strength yarn has good wear resistance and flexibility

4. Resistance to mildew. Polypropylene high-strength yarn is not eroded by insects and bacteria.

5. Good stability to chemicals. Since polypropylene has no active groups in its molecular structure, it has very good stability to acids, alkalis and other chemicals, even better than polyester and nylon, making it suitable for many chemical fields.

6. UV resistance and dyeability have been resolved. The light resistance of polypropylene itself is not good, but by using polypropylene chips with stabilizers, excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation degradation can be achieved. Polypropylene high-strength yarn products are suitable for outdoor use. It is difficult to dye polypropylene fiber, but it has been solved by adding dye auxiliaries or coloring the original liquid.

Taixing Hongyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional R&D and production team, introducing advanced technology and equipment, and is committed to producing high-quality polypropylene high-strength yarns, polypropylene air-changing yarns, polyester air-changing yarns, webbing and other products! The company is still growing, and we look forward to working with you for a win-win cooperation!

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