[The opening of the modern textile industrial park in Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Zone takes a key step in the development of textile industry clusters]
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On March 18, the Tongzhou Bay Modern Textile Industrial Park officially opened, marking a key step in the development of the clustering of the textile industry in the Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Zone.

Since last year, the Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Zone has seized the opportunity of the explosive growth of the high-end textile printing and dyeing industry, taking the transformation and upgrading of Nantong's textile industry as an opportunity, in accordance with the municipal party committee and municipal government’s "green, modern, technological, and sophisticated" concept, planning and construction from a high starting point and high standards 11.55 square kilometers of modern textile industrial park, to create a demonstration area for the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry and green and sustainable development. In the past year, the modern textile industry park has fully started construction of core supporting facilities such as industrial water plants and sewage treatment plants. The supply of land elements has made a breakthrough, and various emission indicators have been striving to be in place. It has become the first choice for investment in high-quality textile printing and dyeing enterprises. Up to now, the Modern Textile Industrial Park has signed and settled 32 textile projects of various types, including 1 project of more than 5 billion yuan, 8 projects of more than 2 billion yuan, 19 projects of more than 1 billion yuan, with a total investment of 28.7 billion yuan.

   Ni Wei, director of the Development Service Office of the Modern Textile Industrial Park, introduced that another batch of textile projects are stepping up their preliminary work and will start construction in the near future. At the same time, the related infrastructure and supporting facilities of the textile industry park are in full progress and optimization, accelerating the attraction of high-end international and domestic design, R&D, and manufacturing capabilities, focusing on building a model park for high-quality development, and creating an industrial highland for the demonstration zone. High-quality development adds strong momentum.

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