[Why is polypropylene webbing an excellent choice for car seat belts?]
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Why is polypropylene webbing an excellent choice for car seat belts?

Recently, with the development of the automotive industry, safety has become the primary technical key to automotive safety belts. The polypropylene webbing has the advantages of high strength, excellent abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, elastic recovery rate of 96%, light weight and low price.

Polypropylene webbing is an ideal raw material for the production of automobile safety belts.

Car seat belts are safety products as well as interior decoration textiles. They must be elegant, comfortable and free in appearance, and polypropylene webbing has these characteristics. Next, let's introduce the advantages of polypropylene webbing in detail!

The webbing made of polypropylene has the following advantages:

(1) The fabric feels soft and comfortable to the touch;

(2) The gloss is coordinated to create a luxurious visual experience;

(3) The fabric is durable and light;

(4) Wear resistance and heat resistance of the fabric.

Polypropylene webbing can not only be used in automobiles, but also can be widely used in aviation, navigation, military, sports and other fields. It has good development prospects and market prospects, and is a good product you deserve!

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