[Dongzhi, Anhui: Cotton growers seize the agricultural season, cotton is planted in an all-round way]
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On April 10, the weather in the east of Anhui Province was fine and the temperature was 10-23 degrees. In order to understand the local new cotton planting situation, the Anhui monitoring station visited its responsible area for investigation.

   As the saying goes, Gu Yu planted early cotton, this is the time that cotton farmers must grasp. The survey results show that the local cotton planting work is in full swing. Cotton planting households in Linjiang Administrative Village said that, like last year, 10 mu of cotton will be planted this year. From now on, seedbed management should do the following four aspects: one is to ventilate the seedbed during the day after the emergence of the seedlings for a few days to prevent the cotton seedlings from being burned due to excessive temperature; the second is to lightly apply nursery fertilizers to prevent insufficient seedbed bottom fertilizer; Water well in time to prevent drying out; the fourth is to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases in time. It is estimated that the planting time of the county will end in mid-to-late April.

   When asked about the income from cotton planting last year, the cotton farmer said that the local area is an old cotton area. It is a traditional custom to grow cotton, and it is an inevitable choice to have feelings for cotton. The price of cotton increased in the latter part of last year, and the sales price per catty reached 3.4 yuan, which increased the enthusiasm for growing cotton this year.

It is understood that the cotton farmer plans to interplant cotton and corn this year, so that one season of tender corn will be harvested in spring and one season of cotton will be harvested in autumn. (Affected by severe weather).

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