[The polypropylene high strength is called "darling" in the textile industry!]
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The polypropylene high strength is called "darling" in the textile industry!

With the advancement and development of science and technology, more and more synthetic fibers appear in our daily life. The polypropylene high-strength wire has excellent mechanical properties and chemical stability, the price is low, and the investment cost is small. It has a significant technical and economic advantage, so the high strength of the polypropylene is developed, and has a wide range of applications.

Polypropylene high-strength wire has the following important characteristics:

1. Chemical resistance: Diluted base and acid do not react with PP.

2, elasticity and toughness: PP has elasticity in a certain length range, which is often considered "toughness" material in the early stage of deformation without rupture.

3, fatigue: PP retains its shape after a large amount of distortion and bending.

4, insulation: PP material has a high resistance, is an insulating material.

5, transmittance: can be made into transparency, but usually make natural opaque colors, there is a certain number of multi-color.

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