[What is the use of a bright new star in a polypropylene high-strength wire synthetic fiber? Xiaobian to explain]
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What is the use of a bright new star in a polypropylene high-strength wire synthetic fiber? Xiaobian to explain

Gao strong silk, as a shining star in synthetic fibers, has been concerned about the public. Fully understand the relevant knowledge of polypropylene high-strength wire, can help us more comprehensive polygonally applied polypropylene high-strength wire, and even develop polypropylene high silk. Today, Taixing Hongyang Xiaobian will come to everyone to give you a high strength of high strength silk!

With high strength wire resistance, high resistance, high strength, non-water, light, stability, filter peeling, etc., can be made into high-strength polymerization, mainly used in metallurgy, mineralization, chemical, light industry, Food, environmental protection and other industries.

High use of polypropylene, main use: safety net, seat belt, hoisting belt, woven bag container bag, building line, engineering line.

Top cables made from polypropylene high strength wires and construction, transportation, high-fault strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and light weight.

The polypropylene wire made of polypropylene high-strength wire, due to its low price, high strength, anti-aging, wear resistance, sea water corrosion, elasticity is mainly used in sewing cement bag, chemical fertilizer bag, plastic bag, fishing net weaving Wait industry.

Soft groves weaving with polypropylene, suitable for roads, railways, airports, seawall, water channels, reservoirs, harbor and bridges, have no need to break saving, building a dam, damping, fast, high engineering, investment The advantages such as province, good quality, especially in the case where the loadload is large, and the woven geotextile is more unique to the non-woven fabric.

High strength wire is applied to rope network: tank cable made of polypropylene high strength wire and construction, transportation, agriculture, fisheries, sports activities, high breaking strength, wear resistance, corrosion, and lightweight.

Taixing Hongyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has a team of professional research and development, introducing advanced technology equipment, dedicated to producing high-quality polypropylene high-strength wire, polypropylene empty wire, polyester empty wire, web belt and other products! The company is still developing in further development, we look forward to winning with you!

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