[Can a polypropylene high strength wire can be used to woven geotextiles and a rope cable?]
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Nothing more than 90% of the polytead of polypropylene is not known, only a college personnel really understand the use of high-strength silk, and his performance. Today, we will tell these expertise, let you also New knowledge of growth.

The high-strength and color of the polypropylene is complete, or it can be customized according to customer requirements.

High strength wire characteristics: polypropylene industrial silk has high strength, light, heat shrinkage, low resistance, low thermal conductivity, low heat resistance, water resistance, etc., with color difference, good color fastness, Advantages of high strength.

Polypropylene high-strength wire product use:

(1) Top cable made from polypropylene high-strength wire and construction, transportation, agriculture, fisheries, sports activities, high fracture strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and light weight.

(2) a polypropylene wire made of high strength wire, high strength, anti-aging, wear resistance, sea water corrosion, elasticity, mainly used in sewing cement bag, chemical fertilizer bag, plastic bag, fishing net weaving, etc. industry.

(3) With the geotextile of high-strength wire, suitable for roads, railways, airports, seawall, water channels, reservoirs, harbor and bridges, have no need to break saving, building a dam, dams, fast, effective High, investment province, quality and other advantages, especially in the case of large load load, there is a lot of unique uniqueness of woven generic fabrics. With its advantages such as acid and alkali, high corrosion, high strength, non-water, light, stability, filter stripping, etc., can be made into high-strength polypropylene filtration, mainly used in metallurgy, mineralization, chemical, light industry, food , Environmental protection and other industries.

Taixing Hongyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of production and sales of one-stop service, specializing in large polypropylene chemical fiber companies, specializing in production: 500D-4000D polypropylene high strength white. Color. Black. Color. More than 4,000 of the produced propynate Ton, annual output of the annual yield, 800D-3500D polypropylene empty shifting, polyester empty wire, color empty shifting, empty shifting, annual output of 500 tons, is a manufacturer of propylene and producing polypropylene The company has excellent equipment, advanced technology, complete testing means, stable product quality, polypropylene, mainly exported to South Korea, South Africa, etc., China mainly sold to Shandong, Kunming and other places. Apylene wire use is very wide, mainly used in fire shrubs, clothing, sling, seat belts.

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