[What is polypropylene empty wire? Taixing Hongyang polypropylene air conveyral characteristics and use]
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What is polypropylene empty wire? Delicopropic air filament characteristics and use

Apropylene empty shif: Yes, using compressed air, the filaments of chemical fibers occur, and the outer roll is partially locally, and then it is partially broken, forming a number of end heads outside, which looks very close to short fibers , The air deformed wire is obtained according to conventional methods. Air deformed wire omits the production process of shorting the shortage of fiber filaments, and then spunning into the production process of the growth yarns. The fabric, appearance, and hardware of the fabric, the appearance and hand are close to the fabric weaved, and also moisture absorbing. It can be used to produce imitation silk, imitation cotton or imitation wool fabric, which are used as clothing, furniture cloth, felt blanket or car cloth.

What is polypropylene empty wire? Taixing Hongyang polypropylene air conveyral characteristics and use are:

The basic characteristics are the same as the polypropylene filament, light, acid and alkali, colorful, and not moisture.

Apadal air filament characteristics: natural appearance, with irregular surface hairy, granules, bamboo effect, good color.

A natural flax, a soft touch, but also overcomes natural flax, water washing, and care.

Apadally empty wire use: can be used for woven, edited, weft, manufacturing various clothing, outer clothes, shirts, etc., can also make interior decorative fabrics, curtains, bedspreads, household appliances; industrial filter cloth, tire curtain Line, fishnet, sewing thread, etc., all according to the specifications of the product (fiber line density, number of lifts, etc.).

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