[Specification of polyester air change yarn]
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Polyester air change yarn is a common synthetic fiber, it has excellent physical and chemical properties, is widely used in textile, clothing, home and other fields.

Specifications of polyester air change yarn

The specification of polyester filament is usually in the unit of "D", indicating the length of each kilogram of fiber. Common specifications are 75D, 100D, 150D, 300D and so on. Among them, the 75D and 10OD polyester filament is suitable for making light summer clothing, and the 150D and 300D polyester filament is suitable for making thick winter clothing and household items.

The specifications ofpolyester air change yarn can also be classified according to different processing methods. For example, the polyester filament that has been stretched is called the stretched filament, and the polyester filament that has been twisted is called the twisted filament. In addition, polyester filament can also be classified according to different textile processes, such as FDY(fully continuous filament), DTY(partially continuous filament) and POY(predetermined direction filament).

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