[The traditional gold, silver and silver four are about to be ushered in. How about the printing and dyeing market?]
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At present, the epidemic situation of new-type coronavirus infection pneumonia is still continuing, and upstream and downstream enterprises in the textile industry chain are gradually restarting production in an orderly manner. Soon the traditional peak season "Golden Three Silver Four". But many trade bosses are happy or sad these days, all of this comes from the instability of the market.

Insufficient production capacity in the printing and dyeing market, busy production

At present, the printing and dyeing enterprises that are still in production are currently receiving much attention, which directly affects the issue of when and whether the fabric manufacturer can deliver on time. So what is the situation in the printing and dyeing market?

Nowadays, the printing and dyeing market has been fully resumed, and all large-scale goods have begun production. Regarding the start-up rate of the dyeing tank, the recovery is currently being accelerated. The general start-up rate is about 50%, and the local rate is higher than 70%. The overall start-up rate is not high, and the incomplete return of workers has become one of the main reasons affecting the company's resumption of production.

The printing and dyeing factory started to be busy. One was that the production speed was slow due to the decrease in production capacity, and the other was because there were more orders. The printing and dyeing market saw another wave of good years ago. At present, the delivery time is about 10 days, and the delivery time for individual varieties with complex dyeing processes is more than 15 days. In terms of products, conventional varieties are still the main ones, such as polyester taffeta, Chunya spinning, and artificial silk. Among them, artificial silk is more prominent.

Dye prices soared, lack of upward momentum in dyeing fees

When the printing and dyeing market was busy rushing to ship, the news of downstream dye market broke out again. According to statistics, last week, the price of scattered black ECT 300% was 30,000 yuan / ton, an increase of 3.5%, and active black WNN 200% was 23,500 yuan / ton, an increase of 4.4%. Subsequently, Guangdong printing and dyeing enterprises issued a "Dyeing Fee Price Adjustment Notice"; Zhejiang also reported that printing and dyeing companies 60 # Cuilan market prices have skyrocketed and will adjust prices for special colors.

Up to now, no printing and dyeing factory in Wujiang area has raised the dyeing fee. Xiaobian believes that despite the rapid increase in dyestuffs, printing and dyeing companies still lack the incentive to increase dyeing fees, and it is more likely to maintain stable operation in the short term.

The main work of printing and dyeing enterprises is to restore production capacity and arrange for employees who have not returned to Soviet Union to return to work as soon as possible. There are many foreign employees in printing and dyeing companies, and the mobility of opening positions every year is very large. Now under the influence of the epidemic, job vacancies are particularly serious. Therefore, the managers of printing and dyeing companies are busy with employee recruitment and production capacity.

Although the printing and dyeing companies are generally busy at present, compared with the previous year, it is still normal. In short, it is not hot, and it is still a bit hot. If the dyeing fee rises at this time, it is very likely that the fabric supplier will transfer the order to a printing and dyeing factory with a lower dyeing fee, thereby losing customers and gaining more. Therefore, printing and dyeing companies will not easily increase dyeing fees. In order to retain customers, the cost of self-digested dyes will increase.

Market conditions have not recovered, "Golden Three" may be late!

So far, the production capacity of printing and dyeing companies has not been fully restored. According to several persons in charge of Wujiang District, although the dyeing factory is busy, most of the current production is only orders left over from previous years, and few new production orders. Whether the "Golden Three" can flourish is predicted by many market participants as unlikely.

A fabric company official said: "Although there are many orders on hand, they are from previous years, not current ones, so we cannot say how good the market is, let alone the peak season. Compared with the peak season of previous years, It ’s far worse than that! ”In other words, although the market has entered the traditional peak season, the peak season has not really arrived.

Xiao Bian also found that when a wave of market hit at the end of last year, the delivery time of the printing and dyeing plant was about 10 days, which was under normal production capacity. The net production capacity is only 50%, and the delivery time is also 10 days. So is it fair to say that today's market is even worse than at the end of last year? Due to the impact of the epidemic, delaying the start of construction has slowed down the entire market, so "Golden Third" may be late.

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