[What are the product characteristics of polypropylene webbing?]
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Polypropylene webbing is a narrow or tubular fabric made of polypropylene as raw material. Polypropylene webbing has three major process technologies: weaving, braiding, and knitting. Different production processes make polypropylene webbing performance characteristics different. Please follow Taixing Hongyang Xiaobian to see what are the product characteristics of polypropylene webbing?

Color of polypropylene webbing: black, multi-colored, generally 1-10 cm in width, the length is determined according to customer needs.

Polypropylene webbing has the characteristics of light texture, high strength, strong tensile strength, excellent elasticity, good abrasion resistance, and good acid and alkali resistance. Polypropylene webbing is bright in color, widely used, high strength, and good wear resistance.

Polypropylene ribbon civil application scope: clothing, home textiles, industrial use, luggage, tents, pet belts, etc. Polypropylene ribbon industrial application: carpets, fishing nets, canvas, hoses, concrete reinforcements, industrial fabrics, non-woven fabrics, etc.

Taixing Hongyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a strong polypropylene ribbon manufacturer, Hongyang polypropylene ribbon is exported to many countries. Hongyang webbing is produced by sophisticated production equipment and advanced production technology, and also has a full range of quality inspection methods for polypropylene webbing products.

Rest assured that Taixing Hongyang purchase polypropylene webbing!

Taixing Hongyang's main products are polypropylene webbing, polypropylene high-strength yarn, polypropylene air change yarn, polyester air change yarn and so on.

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