[Orders have shrunk severely, grey fabric inventory is backlogged again, and the off-season market has quietly arrived!]
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"It was said that a good 1.2 million mini silk yarns were made in February and the order would be reduced by less than 100,000 meters." A trader said with regret and disappointment.

To say that the impact of the pneumonia epidemic on the textile market is directly delayed and the market resumed a while ago, but this impact is short-lived and visible. Textile companies in all regions will usher in resumption of production, but the impact on textile orders. But began to gradually weaken.

At the beginning of the resumption of work, due to the concentrated release of backlogs from previous years, the entire textile market showed a pleasing peak season. However, with the follow-up orders clearly following the force, and the continuous order shrinking and cancellation, this wave of market persistence began to be greatly reduced, and now there are already various pessimistic and conservative voices in the market.

Reduced or cancelled orders, worrying market

Orders dropped from one million meters to less than 100,000. This is not a simple discount, but basically the same as an order cancellation. In fact, this kind of situation has been common in the current textile market, and even has become more and more intense. Especially the recent dramatic fluctuations in the international crude oil market, the global economic situation is not optimistic, and the pneumonia epidemic in Europe and the United States is raging. The demand for textile fabrics is limited. The entire textile and apparel market generally lacks confidence in the market outlook, and orders are cautious and conservative.

According to a sales clerk of a clothing foreign trade enterprise, they purchase fabrics from China and export them to a garment processing factory in Vietnam. The garments are then exported to the European market. In other words, their end customers are actually clothing companies from Europe and the United States, and many of their major customers are Italian clothing brands. However, as the European epidemic continues to ferment, many of their orders have been cancelled, especially the Italian region is already in a state of blockade.

And some fashion shows and clothing shows have to be postponed, and those clothing brands that place orders under the guidance of fashion trends are bound to suspend or reduce the number of orders.

Decrease in orders for conventional varieties, or exacerbate overcapacity

"In our factory, we produce satin, polyester taffeta, Chunya spinning and other varieties. The current situation is not as good as last year. The better orders on hand are for old customers, the quantity is tens of thousands of meters, more than ten Ten thousand meters every month. You know that their volume last year was twice what they are now, and the current market is really not working, "said a head of a weaving enterprise.

Conventional varieties have always been easy-to-volume products on the market, but they have also become a large variety in the current market. Sales have continued, but weaving mills whose production capacity has been restored are difficult to reduce production and stop work at will. It is likely that most weaving mills are in the state of production.

However, the growing inventory has encountered a sharp decline in raw material prices, and those high stocks have continued to depreciate as raw material prices have fallen. And soon, the market will be full of mixed gray fabrics produced by high-priced raw materials and gray fabrics produced by low-priced raw materials. Pricing according to cost or order based on market prices may be a problem for many companies, especially those companies that have a profit of only a few cents per meter.

At present, the textile market is in a low season. It is the consensus of the vast majority of people. Of course, this situation is inseparable from the impact of the pneumonia epidemic and the weakening global economic situation. Although there is no clear answer for how long this impact can last, we textiles do not need to be overly pessimistic. Now the market is light and not busy, we can take the opportunity to develop sample cloths and visit customers.

In fact, many companies in the market have taken action. They carefully study customer needs, accurately match, and send samples of suitable customers; or take seriously customers who have not yet placed orders, although there are several or a dozen samples each time. The cloth is looking for samples and quotations, but it is still patience to actively respond. When the current epidemic is over, customers will eventually give more or less orders.

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