[Demystifying the different characteristics of different material ribbons]
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The webbing is made of various yarns as raw materials to make narrow or tubular fabrics. There are many types of webbing, which are widely used in various industrial sectors such as clothing, shoes, luggage, industry, agriculture, quartermaster, and transportation. In the 1930s, webbing was produced by hand workshops, and the raw materials were cotton and twine. Today, I will tell you what are the different characteristics of different webbing materials?

Features of polypropylene webbing

Also known as polypropylene fibers, including short fibers, filaments, and split-fiber fibers. Polypropylene film fibers are made by firstly making polypropylene into a film, and then stretching the film to split it into a network of fibrils.

Product Features of Polyester Webbing

1. Strong wear resistance

2. Poor water absorption, the normal moisture regain is 0.4% (20 degrees, relative humidity 65%, 100g polyester 0.4g water absorption)

3.Easily generate static electricity and fuzz

4. Shuttle resistance and alkali resistance. Note: A certain depth of alkali destroys the polyester surface at a certain temperature and makes the fabric feel soft.

5. Corrosion resistance and light resistance are better

6. The fabric made of polyester fiber is not easy to wrinkle, has good dimensional stability, and is easy to wash and dry.

Features of Nylon Ribbon or Nylon Ribbon

1. The strength is very good, even exceeding the wire of the same fineness

2. Very good abrasion resistance, more than other textile fibers, suitable for sportswear, socks, parachute, cable

3. Poor water absorption, rated moisture regain rate is 4%, easy to be electrostatic, fluff, pilling

4. Alkali and acid resistant, 37.5% hydrochloric acid can be dissolved

5. Good corrosion resistance, poor water resistance, poor light resistance, poor heat resistance, and strong yellowing after long-term exposure

6. Nylon clothing is easy to deform and wrinkle easily

Spinning form: Main FDY, ATY

Viscose webbing product features

1. The chemical composition is the same as cotton, and the performance is close to cotton

2. Better moisture absorption than cotton, easy to dye, bright dyeing, good color fastness

3. Low wet strength, 40-60% of dry strength, elasticity in wet state, poor abrasion resistance, viscose fabric is not resistant to washing, poor dimensional stability

Spinning form: viscose filament-rayon-rayon

Viscose Staple Fiber—Artificial Cotton—Cotton Vinegar

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