[The main installation area of Hengli Petrochemical (Huizhou) PTA project completed site leveling]
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This year's Huizhou City Government Work Report proposed to accelerate the shaping of Huizhou's petrochemical energy and new material industry cluster advantages.

   In the Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone, the Hengli Petrochemical (Huizhou) PTA project is in the empty and flat construction site, construction vehicles shuttle back and forth, and the on-site workers are stepping up the construction, drawing a picture of the spring of construction. At present, the main installation area of the Hengli Petrochemical (Huizhou) PTA project has completed site leveling, dynamic compaction, temporary water and electricity, temporary roads, construction walls, geological survey, and trial installation. It is expected that most of the construction will be completed by the end of this year , The equipment installation is basically completed.

   On August 13 last year, Hengli Petrochemical (Huizhou) PTA project formally signed an investment cooperation agreement. On January 7 this year, the project officially started construction, and the preliminary work such as leveling the project site and submitting for approval and construction was completed in only 4 months.

As a key project in Guangdong Province, Hengli (Huizhou) PTA project with a total investment of 15 billion yuan will build two 2.5 million tons/year PTA production lines with the largest monomer production capacity in the world. Features such as low energy consumption. The full Chinese name of PTA is purified terephthalic acid, which is one of the important bulk organic raw materials. It is mainly used to produce polyester fiber (polyester), polyester bottle flakes and polyester film. It is widely used in chemical fiber and light industry. , Electronics, construction, etc.

   In the past, the Huizhou petrochemical industry had the phenomenon of "oil heads" and "chemical tails" being small and top-heavy. The middle and downstream products of the petrochemical industry, especially fine chemicals and new materials, were relatively weak. For example, the Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone has achieved a refining capacity of 22 million tons per year, but the downstream raw material for refining and chemical production after refining-naphtha can only be exported to foreign petrochemical companies. After the Hengli Petrochemical (Huizhou) PTA project is completed and put into production, millions of tons of naphtha per year in the Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone can be "dried and squeezed out" and converted on-site into upstream raw materials for the new material industry. After the completion of the project, it will help make up for the shortcomings of Huizhou and even Guangdong Petrochemical's mid-downstream industrial chain, and will inject new impetus into Huizhou's creation of a trillion-level petrochemical energy and new material industrial cluster.

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