[How much do you know about the three major types of webbing technology?]
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How much do you know about the three major types of webbing technology?

The three major types of crafting techniques for webbing are weaving, knitting and knitting. Below, Taixing Hongyang introduces these three process technologies respectively.

1. Ribbon-Woven (woven)

Warp and weft interweave. After twisting, the yarn is warped and made into a bobbin (pan-head), and the weft is shaken into a 纡, and the ribbon is woven on the loom. In the 1930s, weaving belts for hand-drawn wood looms and iron wood looms. In the early 1960s, the 1511 loom was converted into a loom, which is still widely used. Because of the small width of the belt, the weaving method is different, there are single, double, dozens of different, single-layer and double-layer.

Second, webbing-weaving (spindle weaving)

After the weft tube is formed by the warp and winding of the yarn, the weft tube is inserted into the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine, and the weft tube rotates and moves along the 8-shaped track to draw the yarn to cross and weave each other. Usually the number of spindles is even, the woven belt is tubular, and the number of spindles is odd, and the woven belt is flat. Spindle weaving technology has been used in old China. The number of spindles varies from 9 to 100 spindles due to different equipment. The basic weaving process is: bleaching and dyeing-weft rolling-weaving-falling machine cutting-packaging.

Three, webbing-knitting

In the 1970s, knitted warp knitting and weft knitting techniques have been widely used in webbing. In 1973, successfully trial-produced knitted nylon wide and tight belts. In 1982, the Italian crochet machine began to be introduced, with advanced technology and wide production varieties, especially suitable for thin decorative fabrics, such as lace, elastic band, window screening, decorative tape and so on. The basic technological process is: bleaching and dyeing-winding-weaving-ironing-packaging.

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