[Advantages and uses of high strength wires, how much do you know?]
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Advantages and uses of high strength wires, how much do you know? Advantages and uses of high strength wires, how much do you know? Today, Xiaobian took you to understand the product of the polyprotic silk produced by Taizhou Hongyang New Material Co., Ltd. Polypropylene high strength wire specification: 500D-4000D, company can produce white. Color. Black. Colored polypropylene high strength wire, specific requirements can directly call the company. Color can be customized by the root customer. Polypropylene high strength wire main materials: PP Polypropylene high strength wire brands: Hongyang High strength, high strength, high strength, light, anti-aging, wear resistance, sea water corrosion, good elasticity, good gloss, color, easy to clean, low cost, environmental protection, light, anti-aging, acid and alkali, Weight, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity and other advantages. High use of polypropylene, main use: safety net, seat belt, hoisting belt, woven bag container bag, building line, engineering line. High strength wire is applied to rope network: tank cable made of polypropylene high strength wire and construction, transportation, agriculture, fisheries, sports activities, high breaking strength, wear resistance, corrosion, and lightweight.

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