[How does the Hong Kong textile industry collaborate together in the Daban District?]
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How does the Hong Kong textile industry collaborate together in the Daban District?

From the Hong Kong SAR Administrative Secretary Lin Zheng Yue, the "Election Committee of the Communist Party" starts in the Central Radio and Television Terrace, and the Content Focus Re-constructed Election Committee will be grouped in the Central Radio and TV Station.

After the improved Hong Kong election system, the most important one ring is to re-build the Election Committee, the scale of the Electoral Committee will be 1,200, increased by 1,000 people, increased to 1500 points. The textile and garment industry are one of the first sessions (industrial and commercial financial sectors). Some people think that textiles and garments are a dusk industry. In fact, this is also a high-tech, the Hong Kong Textile and Access R & D Center is one of the best research institutions worldwide, and it has done a textile industry in Hong Kong and the world. lots of work.

Lin Shi Yuezhen interviewed Chen Henry, which was an interview with the President of the Hong Kong Textile Industry Association, and the first talks about the better use of innovation, and put "production, research, study" with the Dawan District, followed the blueprint of the entire Dawan District. To further promote the development of Hong Kong textile and garments.

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