[7 major characteristics of polypropylene high]
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7 major characteristics of polypropylene high

1. Morphology: The longitudinal surface of the polypropylene high strength is smooth, and the cross section is circular.

2. Density: The advantage of high strength wire with polypropylene is that the texture is light.

3. Strongness: high strength of polypropylene, high strength, high initial modulus, excellent elasticity. Therefore, the polypropylene wear resistance is good. The moist moisture of polypropylene is basically equal to strength, so it is an ideal material for making fishing nets and cables.

4. Moisture and dyeness: Whether the texture is warm.

5. Acid-resistant resistance to alkali: polypropylene high strength has better chemical resistance, suitable for use as filtration materials and packaging materials.

6. The electrical insulation of polypropylene is good.

7. High strength: wear-resistant elasticity is also good, chemical stability is good.

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